Energy Work Supporting Personal Transformation

Energy Work re-establishes a normal flow of life force energy throughout a person's system, which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body's innate healing ability.


Healing may occur on any or all of the four aspects of our being; physical body, as well as emotional (our feelings), mental (our beliefs), and spiritual. 


Energy Work is non-invasive and complements all other therapies, often enhancing their benefits.

Energy Work may facilitate ...

Deep states of relaxation, better sleep.

Decreased levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Relief of pain and symptoms associated with many diseases.

Improved immune system.

Faster recovery from surgery and trauma.

Enhanced self-esteem and sense of personal power.

A heightened sense of well-being and joy.

Increased vitality.

Spiritual and personal development.

Appreciation for the diversity and wonder of life.

What our customers are saying

I want to thank you for a truly transformative experience. The one-on-one learning and practice of Reiki techniques was a real gift for me, and your warm and welcoming manner made me feel at ease. A week has passed since my class, and my hands are still like little furnaces of energy! I can't wait to come back and learn more in Reiki II.

R.C. Napanee, Ontario

I really enjoyed taking the Reiki II Course with Laurie, and I am looking forward to further training. It was very informative, had excellent theory coverage and practical experience. The class was taught in a warm, friendly, non-judgmental setting. Laurie was always supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend taking a class with Laurie. It will change your life!

B.L. Kingston, Ontario

What our customers are saying

Working with Laurie as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner has been delightful. She was very calm, gentle and respectful of whatever I wanted to share either as to why I sought a treatment or about anything which came up during the treatment. She always waited until I was finished whatever I wanted/needed to share before telling me any impressions she received during the treatment. This, I think, is also very respectful in that it was less likely to prejudice, in any way, whatever I had discovered on my own. I believe her treatments helped me keep my stress levels lower than they would otherwise have been over those weeks. I also believe they provided me with “ground work” so I could address yet another layer of healing.

P.B. Kingston, Ontario

What our customers are saying

Laurie is great! I had a one-on-one session (QHHT) with her a few weeks ago and it was amazing! found out a lot about myself! She makes you feel very comfortable and holds a beautiful space for you to open up ~ this is a great opportunity to give her a try - I can't recommend her enough! 

R.G. Kingston, Ontario

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